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School Spirit

Student of the Month and Citizenship Awards

Two students from each classroom are chosen monthly to receive special certificates from their teacher.  

Student Of The Month awards are given to students for: homework improvement, well-written stories, excellence, clean-up helpers, etc.

Citizenship awards are given to students who demonstrate positive citizenship and/or leadership in their classroom, school, or community.


Grade 6 students participate in a variety of special days and fundraisers for their trip to Edmonton in June. Leadership meetings have been once a month to help organize special events. Some examples of fundraisers are: hot dog sales, chocolate sales, pizza sales

Some students are also chosen to emcee assemblies and help with special speakers.

House Points

Students are all assigned to a specific "House." There are four houses: Red, Blue, Green and Gold. Students can earn house points during class time as an incentive or reward.

Students also earn points by dressing up on special days. Calculation of house points is tabulated and posted in the school.

Dress Up Days 


Students participate in a variety of dress-up days. Dress up days happen on the day of our monthly assembly.


September 24-- Snazzy Sock Day

October 29--Costume Day

November 26--Wacky Hair Day

December 18--Onesie/Pajama Day

January 27--Ginormous Sweater/Hoodie Day

February 25--Sports and Jersey Day

March 31--Wacky Clothing/Opposite Day

April 28--Career Day

May 27--Sunglasses Day

June 25--Hat Day