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Volunteer Program

Volunteer forms are sent home with the students in mid September and we would like to thank all of those parents who are able to donate some of their time. If you are able to participate in our parent volunteer program but did not receive a form, please contact your child's teacher. All school volunteers MUST sign in at the office before beginning their duties. PWSD #76 Insurance coverage and WCB coverage are contingent on volunteers signing in at the school. We also request that all persons volunteering time in our school abide by the Volunteer Code of Ethics outlined below.

1. Respect the confidentiality of the teacher and the children, and refrain from discussing them outside the school situation. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, share them with the teacher or administrator, in that order.

2. Remember that the teacher is the professional in charge of the classroom. The teacher will assign tasks to volunteers, which in his/her opinion are in the best educational interests of all of the children in the classroom.

3. Practice tolerance and respect towards the students and teachers with whom you are in contact. Be sensitive to the teaching role. Strive for acceptance of all the children.

4. Notify the teacher in advance if you would like to volunteer in the classroom. Remember that there may be times when your help is not needed. Understand that different teachers and classes have different requirements for outside help.

5. Be dependable. If you agree to undertake a task, follow it through by attending at the times and dates arranged. Be realistic about the amount of time you can spend. If you must be late or absent, arrange for an acceptable substitute or inform the school in advance.

6. Understand that the classroom is designed as a place of learning, not of babysitting. Younger children are very distracting to a class and arrangements for their care outside the school should be made before your volunteer session.

7. Please remember to sign in at the main office before you begin your volunteer duties. WCB and PWSD #76 Insurance regulations require that all volunteers working in a school setting sign in before their session begins.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for the important contribution you are making to the education of the children at Beaverlodge Elementary School.