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COVID Information for School Community

Beaverlodge Elementary School has been informed by a member of the school community that a person affiliated with the school has tested positive for COVID-19. The individuals were last in our school on Monday Sept 20th . Our thoughts are with them and their family, and we wish them a safe and speedy recovery.

While Alberta Health Services (AHS) Public Health will not be confirming this case and contact tracing is no longer required, we are informing you as a member of our school community out of respect and to ensure we maintain our transparent line of communication.

Out of respect for the individual, and in accordance with AHS guidelines, we cannot disclose personal details. Beaverlodge Elementary School cannot disclose any further information about this case, including whether this is a student or staff member, the grade/classes this person is in/teaches. No further information will be released. We ask that you model care and kindness when speaking about this situation in your home and in the community,
recognizing that this virus can infect anyone at any time.

We remind parents/guardians/siblings of students, as well as any staff/visitors/volunteers to monitor for any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 listed in the linked Alberta Health Daily Checklists and to follow the directions as listed on the forms.
The health and safety of our students, staff and their families is our first priority. If you/your child has any of the symptoms listed on the AHS forms, do not come to school. Thank you for your patience and support during this time.

Andrew Lojczyc
BES School